Global Chemical Logistics Supply Chain Forumis held for the first time of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Sub-branch (HCLS),based on creating a certain scale and influence of domestic integrated chemical logistics conference. Therefore, the HCLS will hold the “Global Chemical Logistics Supply Chain Forum 2017” in Shanghai from July 5 to 7, 2017.
       The theme of this forum is "Innovators -- Transformation Practice in Innovation",as participants or innovators,facing the reform and innovation of the industry to realize the sustainable development after the transformation,experts and scholars to find out a development pattern conforming to the trend, look for demands during innovation, and seek for cooperation under consensuses!

2017 GCLSCF Organization

Sponsor: China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP)
Organizer:China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Hazardous Chemicals Logistics Sub-branch (HCLS)
Co-organizer:Sinopec Chemical Commercial Holding Company Limited
Supporting organization:International Department of CFLP

                                                                China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

                                                                INSTITUTE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

2017 GCLSCF Time & Place


Time: From July 5 to 7, 2017
       Guests attending the general assembly must arrive at Segmen Hotel on July
5th to complete the registration, Recommend to check in on the Segmen Hotel; the average time of the participants is July 5, 2017 Morning 09:00 to 22:00.
2017 GCLSCF Agenda

2017 GCLSCF Contents

2017 GCLSCF Delegations

Forum size of about 500 people,include:
1.Experts and scholars of the supply chain from chemical engineering manufacturing, trade and chemical logistics industries at home and abroad;
2.Manufacturers and traders of chemicals and hazardous articles at home and abroad;
3.Transport and warehousing companies of chemicals and hazardous articles, and chemicals logistics parks at home and abroad;
4.Warehousing planning units of all kinds of chemicals, and scientific research institutions at home and abroad;
5.Suppliers of informatization integration, equipment production, parts and materials of chemicals at home and abroad;
6.Consulting, training and financial institutions at home and abroad。


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